Annotated Bibliography 10: Built Environment and Climate Change

Wilby, R.l. “A Review of Climate Change Impacts on the Built Environment.” Built Environment 33.1 (2007): 31-45. Web. 16 Mar. 2017.

According to Wilby, “it is shown that built areas exert considerable influence over their local climate and environment, and that urban populations are already facing a range of weather-related risks such as heat waves, air pollution episodes, and flooding”¬†(Wilby 2007). This review discusses the evidence of climate change and how it effects the environment in four main ways: urban ventilation and cooling, urban drainage and flood risk, water resources, and outdoor spaces. Wilby states that since climate change is expected to effect these problems, building designers and spatial planners are reacting to these changes with¬†improved building design and changing the layout of cities. Roof top gardens provide multiple benefits for air quality and enhancing biodiversity. Wilby points out that “hard engineering solutions will continue to play a role in adapting to climate change, but so too will improved forecasting and preparedness, along with risk avoidance through planning controls” (Wilby 2007).

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