Annotated Bibliography 8: Built Environments and Stress

Evans, Gary ; Evans Terry. Environmental Stress. Cambridge: Cambridge U Press, 2011. Web. 14 Mar. 2017.

According to Chapter 6 of this book, there is evidence that built environments may produce both direct and indirect stress. Evan discusses the many different ways in which the built environment can cause an individual to be stressed. He states that if a tourist is searching for a particular building and cannot find it, this will cause the tourist to feel stressed. If the tourist is supposed to be at that building at a certain time, perhaps for a meeting, and cannot locate the building in time, it will cause the tourist to feel an entirely different level of stress. Another example of how built environments could cause stress would be with traffic, especially since traffic seems to be more congested around popular built environments. Evans delves into a few strategies to help deal with this stress caused by built environments.


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