Annotated Bibliography 9: Built Environment and Crime

Schneider, Richard H., and Ted Kitchen. Crime prevention and the built environment. London: Routledge, 2007. Web.

In this book, titled Crime Prevention and the Built Environment, Schneider and Kitchen point out how the form, layout, and location of built environments have an impact on the opportunity to commit crime, which means the developers of these communities should be considering different forms of crime prevention as well. A high number of crimes take place in particular areas, and the characteristics of these areas have an influence on the types of crimes that do and don’t occur. Schneider and Kitchen bring up an idea to help control the crime levels, he suggests that “we might manipulate the physical environment at both the micro and macro scales in order to reduce or even eliminate the opportunities for crimes to be committed” (Schneider & Kitchen 2007). ¬†Throughout this text, Schneider and Kitchen discuss the main three challenges that they will be addressing, and possible ways to address and potentially fix these challenges.

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