Reinventing these neighborhoods and introducing these new marketplaces has made a dramatic difference on the demographics of these areas. The population of both neighborhoods has increased and transitioned into being made up of primarily white people in their mid 30’s. The average income rate has risen, property value has risen, and the crime rate has decreased. These markets draw more people into these areas due to the entertainment and job opportunities that they hold.

However, despite the many positive aspects of these built environments, there are a few negatives aspects as well, such as the displacement of the original residents of the area. When these built environments take over the area, causing population rates to rise,  an increase in demand of housing also takes place. This results in an increase of the prices of housing, which forces many of the original residents to relocate in order to find more affordable housing options. Since these areas are becoming increasingly popular, the amount of traffic, pollution, and construction, along with the noise levels, have risen. 



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