Demographics of Krog Street Area

The demographics of the area surrounding the Krog Street Market have changed drastically since the market itself has opened.

In 1990, when Tyler Perry Studios opened, the population within a 1 mile radius of Krog Street totaled 13,797 people. Within just 15 years, by 2015 the population had grown to 22,903 people, which was just two thousand less than the predicted population for the year 2017. A whopping 52.57% of those 22,903 people are white, while only 38.11% are African American. Just 5 years earlier, there was an equal distribution of white (49.5%) and black people (42.7%) among the population. 

Along with the population, the average household income of the Krog Street area changed as well. In 2011, within a three mile radius of Krog Street, the average household income was approximately $83,949. Just 3 years later, in 2013, the average household income sky rocketed to $124,801, proving that the changes made to the Krog Street area had a drastic impact on the neighborhoods surround that area, including the types of people and income ranges that inhabit that area.



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