Description of Krog Street Market

Compared to the 1890s when Krog Street was inhabited by a handful of residents and a few random businesses, the area has experienced a radical change. With more people wondering in and out of the city, more homes being built, more businesses opening up, and more tourists visiting the area, Krog Street Market is a booming built environment.

Repurposing the old Atlanta Stove Works warehouse gives the Krog Street Market an authentic and nostalgic feel.  With a variety of eclectic shops and restaurants the Krog Street Market is the perfect destination for unique and specialty creations. This warehouse is filled with southern-grown restaurants and retail stores, and market stalls to sell produce, goods, and prepared foods. With a west-coast vibe, this space provides a gathering area to socialize with other Atlantans, whether it be sitting down for an exotic meal, browsing at the retail items, grabbing a coffee, or picking up some ingredients for dinner. 




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