Description of Ponce City Market

Previously, before the Sears, Roebuck & Co building was renovated, the area surrounding Ponce de Leon Avenue was of lower income and less than desirable. Once Ponce City Market was up and running, the areas began to experience an influx of changes.

The Ponce City Market is the area’s largest adaptive reuse project, transforming the historic Sears, Roebuck & Co building into a dynamic space, housing the Central Food Hall, a variety of eclectic shops, office spaces, and even apartment flats. Not only does Ponce City Market offer a multitude of shops and restaurants, but it also holds occasional events such as a “filled pasta making class”. With its modern flare, this market brings a new age feel to a  historically-significant structure. With the market being located along the BeltLine, and with the assortment of shops and restaurants, a wide range of people are drawn to this area. The foot (and vehicle) traffic of the Ponce City Market has influenced more businesses and residences to inhabit the area. 



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