History of Krog Street Market

Over the years, Krog Street and the area surrounding it has changed drastically. These changes that were brought upon Krog Street began to draw in various new businesses to the area, along with a new crowd of people.

In 1889, the Atlanta Stove Works, which is located on Krog Street in Atlanta, introduced the Barrett Range to the field of cooking. By 1935 the Atlanta Stove Works was making approximately $500,000 per year. Some 30 years later, in 1969, under the leadership of Mr. Saunders Jones, sales had grown in excess of $35 million per year with employment of over 500 people. After being in business for almost 100 years, the Atlanta Stove Works closed their doors in 1987. After years of abandonment, the factory was transformed into a mixed-use development of offices and restaurants. Two years later, Tyler Perry purchased the land for $7 million, and eventually transformed it into his studio, which he called “Tyler Perry Studios”, where he made 16 movies, 14 stage plays, and 5 television programs. In 2012, the idea of Krog Street Market was developed, with plans to make the space into a mixed-use “epicurean center.” Only one year later, Krog Street Market officially announced its first seven tenants, which included 4 restaurants and cafes, a bakery, a florist, and a gift shop.The following year, in 2014, three of the seven tenants opened their doors for business. Two months later, in November of 2014, Krog Street Market officially opens.



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