History of Ponce City Market

Even though Ponce City Market is housed inside of the old Sears, Roebuck & Co building, the renovation and repurposing of this building has completely changed the demographics of the Ponce de Leon area. 

In 1925, Sears, Roebuck & Co of Chicago purchased 16 acres of land on Ponce de Leon Avenue with the plans to construct a retail store and a warehouse distribution center for the Southeastern US. The land was confined by Ponce de Leon on the north, Glen Iris Drive on the west, North Avenue on the south, and the Southern Railway on the east. After some time, the needs for a warehouse in the city began to diminish as many distribution centers were relocating to suburban sites. Sears, Roebuck & Co closed in 1989. The building was purchased from Sears by the city of Atlanta, under Mayor Maynard Jackson. It was soon converted into a center for city offices and renamed as City Hall East. After almost 20 years, the occupancy of City Hall East dropped to 10%, leading the City of Atlanta to sell the building. After taking note of its location, being in the proximity of four established neighborhoods, and realizing the potential of this historic building, Jamestown made a deal to purchase the building and began the restorations. In the summer of 2012, Dancing Goats Coffee Shop opens as the first tenant of Ponce City Market. Two years later, Suzuki School, Binders Art Supplies Store, The Flats leasing office, Ponce Gallery, General Assembly, Athenahealth, and many other businesses open their doors for business. Shortly thereafter, Ponce City Market it fully open and equipped with shops, the Central Food Hall, and BeltLine access. 

With unique and intriguing restaurants, boutique shops, and modernized apartments, Ponce City Market attracts people of higher income ranges, which generates economic improvements in this area.



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