Blog Changes

I added a few changes to my blog. I changed the title and subtitle of my blog along with the layout. I decided to use a two column layout instead of just one column. I also added a menu underneath the header of my blog to help make the navigation throughout my blog a little easier. In the menu bar, I added a tab that contains all of my posts so the reader can easily find any post they are looking for. In the menu bar,  I also added pages containing the tags and categories that I used to allow the reader to search for posts that way.

On top of adding a menu, more pages, and organizing my blog, I also added more pictures to my blog, each with a brief description. The pictures I added are from some of my travels, since I mentioned in my About Me page that I enjoy traveling. I think this updated version of my blog helps give the reader a better idea of who I am and what I enjoy.

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